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Best Teachers at Tech? Students Say Ahmet Coskun, Martin Jacobson

Five other Coulter BME Faculty Members Named to Fall 2021 Teaching Honor Roll

Posted February 28, 2022


Bernie Marcus Early Career Assistant Professor Ahmet Coskun, left, and Lecturer Martin Jacobson have won the top teaching award at Georgia Tech for their enthusiasm and effectiveness.



Ahmet Coskun and Martin Jacobson have received the best praise a teacher can get: recognition from students for their enthusiasm and effectiveness.

The two Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering faculty members have won the Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching award for 2021, which is based on how students rated their instructors on end-of-course opinion surveys. Covering Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021, recipients had the highest ratings for their respect and concern for students, their enthusiasm for their course, and their ability to stimulate students’ interest. The awards went to just 50 exceptional teachers out of the hundreds of courses offered last year.

Jacobson was honored for BMED 2310, Intro to Biomedical Engineering Design, and Coskun for BMED 4783, Introduction to Medical Image Processing.

Meanwhile, five other Coulter BME faculty members have been named to the Fall 2021 Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Class of 1934 CIOS Honor Roll:


Each semester, instructors who placed in the top 25% on Course Instructor Opinion Surveys in the areas of respect for students, enthusiasm, and stimulating students’ interest are eligible for the honor roll. At least 70% of students in their course must have completed the survey. Those with the highest scores receive the annual awards.

The Center for Teaching and Learning will recognize the winners at Georgia Tech’s annual Celebrating Teaching Day in March.



Joshua Stewart
Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering