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Vahid Serpooshan
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:

My research laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach to design and develop micro/nano-scale tissue engineering technologies with the ultimate goal of generating functional bioartificial tissues and organs. Reaching this goal requires the skills and expertise from several disciplines including cell biology, medicine, nanotechnology, biochemistry, and materials science and engineering. Current projects in my lab include: 1) Bioengineering iPSC-derived, functional cardiac tissues using 3D bioprinting technology for in vitro disease modeling and drug screening; 2) Engineering cardiac patch systems to regenerate damaged myocardium in murine and swine models of ischemic heart injury; 3) 3D bioprinting-based liver and bone tissue engineering; and 4) Synthesis and characterization of smart nanobiomaterials (e.g., functionalized nanoparticles) for diverse biomedical applications including drug delivery and medical imaging.