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Aniruddh Sarkar
Aniruddh Sarkar
Assistant Professor, Bernie Marcus Early Career Professorship
IBB 1313
Research Interests:

Micro/Nano Bioelectronics lab is a curiosity and creativity driven lab broadly interested in inventing and translating technology to make high-quality healthcare more accessible and affordable globally. Our research exploits microscale and nanoscale physical phenomena, devices and electronics to imagine, invent and engineer technology for precision biology and medicine. We are primarily a multidisciplinary engineering lab but we work closely with clinicians and biologists across applications in discovery, prevention, diagnostics and therapy of a number of diseases including infectious diseases and cancer.

 Some of our current projects are:

 1. Microfluidic high-sensitivity and high-throughput bioassays for deep characterization of immune responses. Applications include: Discovery of novel functional biomarkers for some of most widely devastating infectious diseases globally such as Tuberculosis (TB) and Typhoid. Helping understand the emergence of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and discovery of novel biomarkers for its early and inexpensive detection. Discovering novel immune correlates for guiding vaccine design. Understanding variation in response to immunotherapy in cancer and discovery of early biomarkers of treatment failure.

 2. Electronic detection and manipulation techniques for various biological objects (e.g. biomolecules, cells)  Applications include: Point-of-care (POC) electronic diagnostics for infectious diseases such as TB especially for resource-poor settings. Portable, home-use and wearable diagnostic and monitoring technology in contexts ranging from soil, food and water quality to nutrition, infection, transplant rejection and cancer. Electronic delivery of macromolecules to cells for gene and cell therapy.