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Anthony Japour, M.D. - CEO, iTOLERANCE, Inc.

"Multidimensional Immunoengineering Approaches to Enhanced Cancer Immunotherapy" - Li Tang, Ph.D. - École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

"Medical Device and IVD Regulatory Overview" - Sandra D. Maher, M.S., Regulatory Affairs Consultant

"Startup Accelerator IndieBio Info-session" - Michael W. Craige, MHS/MBA, Ph.D. - IndieBioNY, SOSV

"Development of Recombinant Antibodies for Detecting Multiple Conformational States of Glaucoma-associated Myocilin” - Minh Thu "Alice" Ma, Ph.D. Candidate, Georgia Tech

"Protecting Your Innovation" - Panel Discussion

“Mechanical Information Processing in Adherent Cells” - Margaret Gardel, Ph.D. - University of Chicago

"Light-Field Imaging Flow Cytometry for High-Throughput High-Resolution Multi-Color 3D Cell Screening" - Xuanwen Hua :: "Model-Driven Prediction of Novel Emergent Bioelectric Patterns in hiPSCs" - Andre Norfleet

"The Promise and Challenges of Pediatric Neurotechnologies" - Michelle LaPlaca, Ph.D. - Georgia Tech / Emory University

"Diffuse Optical Spectroscopies for Monitoring Cerebral Hemodynamic Stress in Pediatric Sickle Cell Anemia" - Rowan Brothers :: "Physics-Informed Transfer Learning to Enhance Sleep Staging" - Samuel Waters

"Journeys Through the Trenches" - a panel discussion.

"Computing with Spikes: Perspectives from Chip Design and AI" - Nabil Imam, Ph.D. - Georgia Institute of Technology

"Imaging in Support of Therapy" - Katherine Ferrara, Ph.D. - Stanford University

"Engineering Phage to Grow and Assemble Materials for Energy, the Environment and Medicine" - Angela Belcher, Ph.D. - MIT

"Resources to Accelerate Your Medical Technology Innovation"

Rohini Janivara, Graduate Student, Georgia Tech; Joseph Lachance, Ph.D., Georgia Tech

"Launch Your Innovation into Georgia's Thriving Life Science Ecosystem” - Featuring the Center for Global Health Innovation (CGHI)/Georgia Bio 

Defining the Pathogenic Mechanisms of Calcific Aortic Valve Disease Through Single-Cell RNA Sequencing - Nico Villa-Roel, M.S. :: 3D-Bioprinted Platforms Leveraged to Study the Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Disease - Martin Lyubomiro

"Neural Circuits for Vision in the Natural World" - Cristopher Niell, Ph.D. - University of Oregon

“Translational Research in Interventional Radiology: Multimodality Stroke Treatment and Locoregional Chemotherapy” - Steven Hetts, MD - UCSF School of Medicine

“Spaceflight and Space Biology” - Sharmila Bhattacharya, Ph.D. - NASA

Interactive Session to Discuss "Freezing of Gait" in Parkinson's Disease.

"Multi-niche human bone marrow on-a-chip for studying the interactions of adoptive cell therapies with multiple myeloma" - Delta Ghoshal :: In vivo photoacoustic monitoring of stem cell location and viability through cell nanoengineering - Jinhwan Kim