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Sakis Mantalaris
Sakis Mantalaris
EBB 3016
Research Interests:

Sakis Mantalaris co-leads alongside Nicki Panoskaltsis (Hematology, Emory) “Biomedical Systems Engineering Laboratory” (, which focuses on providing integrated in vitro/in silico platforms for clinical translational biomedical applications. Specifically, my research and teaching emphasizes on delivering an interdisciplinary program on bioprocess engineering for the production of high-value products for precision healthcare applications. Research challenges in the following areas have been identified: 1) Continuous manufacturing; 2) New process analytical tools; 3) Single-use systems; 4) Process intensification to improve yields while lowering costs; 5) Improved process robustness and predictability through “quality by design”. In addition, BSEL will also focus on precision medicine challenges for the customization of decisions and practices tailored to the individual patient by use of patient-specific information ("-omics" technologies) and/or the application of patient/disease-specific therapies, including cell therapies. BSEL’s focus will be in three main areas:  (1) precision anti-cancer in silico/in vitro/in vivo treatment platforms, (2) Cellular therapies, and (3) monoclonal antibody production technologies.