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Hyunsuk Shim
Hyunsuk Shim
Professor, Crocker Family Chair in Cancer Innovation
Winship Cancer Institute C5008
Research Interests:

Our Brain Imaging Group focuses our efforts on improving survival outcomes for brain tumor patients through quantitative imaging. These efforts include:

  • Advancing our high-resolution, spectroscopic MRI (sMRI) technique to better capture the extent of tumor in the brain as well as assess response for other brain diseases
  • Leading a national clinical trial guiding high-dose radiation therapy for brain tumors using sMRI
  • Developing state-of-the-art deep learning techniques for sMRI to better quantify metabolic activity in the brain in a rapid manner to fit clinical workflow
  • Applying machine learning techniques and stochastic Markov processes to track brain tumor patients, predict severity of disease, and determine survival likelihood
  • Housing our image processing tools in software directly used by clinicians and researchers for treatment planning and monitoring response at other institutes