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Andres J. Garcia
Andres J. Garcia
Executive Director, Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering & Bioscience, The Petit Director's Chair in Bioengineering and Bioscience, Rae S. and Frank H. Neely Chair, Regents Professor of Mechanical Engineering
IBB 1106
Research Interests:

Our research efforts center on integrating innovative engineering, materials science, and cell biology concepts and technologies to generate (1) novel insights into the regulation of adhesive forces and mechanotransduction, and (2) cell-instructive adhesive materials for tissue repair in regenerative medicine applications. This cross-disciplinary effort, driven by the mantra "integration, innovation, and translation," will result in a new mechanistic understanding of the interplay of mechanics and cell biology and disruptive technologies and materials for regenerative medicine.









Latest Articles:

Bioengineer is third Georgia Tech faculty member and second Petit Institute director to receive honor, following in footsteps of Bob Nerem and former BME Chair Susan Margulies