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Breakfast Club Seminar

Timothy Cope, Ph.D. - Georgia Tech and Emory University

8:30AM - 9:30AM

Timothy Cope, Ph.D.
School of Biological Sciences
Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering
Georgia Tech and Emory University
Timothy Cope's research interests center on control of movement by sensorimotor integration in the mammalian spinal cord. Using predominantly electrophysiological methods applied in vivo, they study neural signaling by spinal motoneurons, somatosensory neurons, and their central synapses. His lab's primary analyses include electrical properties, synaptic function, and firing behavior of single neurons. The Cope lab is actively examining how these neurons and synapses respond soon and long after peripheral nerve injury and regeneration.

The IBB Breakfast Club Seminar Series was started with the spirit of the Institute's interdisciplinary mission in mind to feature local IBB faculty member's research in a seminar format. Faculty are often asked to speak at other universities and conferences, but do not often present at their home institution - this seminar series is an attempt to close that gap. IBB Breakfast Club Seminars are open to anyone in the bio-community.